Back Pain Treatments

If you have poor posture, you could be stressing your lower back. You could sustain an injury in a car accident or other personal injury. Sometimes, your back pain stems from the aging process. And these are merely some examples. At Chiro Spa Malibu, serving Agoura Hills, CA, and the nearby region, our Dr. Dana Zappala offers a range of treatments to target the problem and help ease your pain and discomfort. Let's discuss some of the treatments provided for back pain relief. 


One back pain treatment offered at our practice is acupuncture. This treatment consists of our practitioner applying thin needles at specific points on your body. Although in traditional Chinese medicine, it's thought to promote the flow of qi. In western medicine, it's believed to stimulate the nervous system. 


Chiropractic adjustments consist of our Agoura Hills, CA, practitioner moving the vertebrae in your back so they realign with the spine. In some cases, a practitioner may use specialized tools to assist in the process. 

The purpose of spinal alignment is to promote circulation, improve nerve function, and decrease inflammation. 


Specifically, our chiropractors use cryotherapy to ease swelling and pain. During this treatment, your practitioner will apply cold compresses to your skin. As a result, the blood vessels in that region of your body constrict, which can reduce inflammation. 

Exercise Therapy 

With exercise therapy, a chiropractor from our practice will ask you to go through exercises that stretch your back. This is usually a treatment for the lower back since the upper back isn't very flexible. 

Throughout an exercise therapy session, our practitioner will guide you through exercises that specifically work that body part. In this case, it's going to focus on your back to provide back pain relief. 

Lifestyle Advice 

In addition to the treatments we provide you, we'll also provide you with lifestyle advice. With this care, we'll inquire about your lifestyle to figure out what could be contributing to your back pain. For instance, we'll want to know about what you do for a living. You may have a job that increases your back pain. 

If you have issues with your posture, our practitioner can help you work on it to alleviate pressure on your back. We'll educate you on how to sit and stand up with proper posture. 

Cryotherapy, exercise therapy, alignments, and various other treatments can provide you with back pain relief. And when you visit Chiro Spa Malibu, serving Agoura Hills, CA, our Dr. Zappala helps you find the best approach for your particular back problems. That may include more than one treatment. 

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