Neuro Emotional Technique

Neuro emotional technique chart With over 20 years as a health care practitioner, my unique approach embraces the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET).

The Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a methodology used to normalize unresolved physical and/or behavioral patterns that have become "locked" in your body. NET practitioners are trained to assist the body's own healing process by identifying and eliminating our unresolved NEC's (Neuro Emotional Complexes - "locked emotional responses"). With your help, NET practitioners quickly find the origin of your NEC and using a gentle correction, "unlock" the NEC. When this happens, your nervous system works better, which allows your body to naturally return to a more balanced state.

How does NET Work? We feel different emotions in different parts of our bodies in different ways. The ancient acupuncturists correlated different emotions with the different organ meridians in our bodies. For example, fear is associated with the kidney, anger is associated with the liver, etc.

Building on this principle, NET practitioners use muscle testing, body reflex points and semantic reactions to assist and guide you to recall the specific emotion associated with your NEC and also to identify when it first occurred. Using this deductive process, the NET practitioner engages a specific neuro-emotional pattern, much as a computer operator engages a specific program on a computer screen.

While you mentally hold the emotional memory of when the NEC first took place, your body's physiology temporarily returns to a pattern similar to the original event. At this point, the NET practitioner can assist you in eliminating the NEC through a safe and quick physical correction. This simple intervention allows your body to extinguish the original emotionally-laden conditioned response. It is now possible for your body to respond in a healthier way.

NET seeks to normalize neurological imbalances using a physical correction. NET removes the blocks to the body's natural healing process, allowing it to repair itself. It is important to realize that these corrections don't make life's problems go away. However, a person with a balanced nervous system can usually deal with life's problems more effectively.

Dr. Dana Zappala is a leading Los Angeles chiropractor for Neuro Emotional Technique.

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